Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Take On The SeaWorld App for Android

Recently I was reading an app review well more importantly this one  http://onthegoinmco.com/2012/06/04/sea-world-busch-gardens-app-review/ and thought, "Hell I am going to be in this park in the near future I might as well download this app for my android and give it a once over."  so I went to the google play store and got it all downloaded and what not.  

That's about the only thing that happened to work right on this app it downloaded.  It Force Closes a lot and is basically worthless if you happen to open the app for the first time outside the park as this is where the GPS thinks that you are for the life of the app it seems.  

The visual appeal of the app is spot on with a lot of buttons......most of which don't work.....

What I would like to see on this app 
A. Price guide for restaurants
B. GPS that knows you're IN the park
C. ALL the links to Work
D. Some kind of wait times for rides

What the App Does Well
A. Park Map that fits in the palm of your hand
B. Up To Date Show Times
C. List Of Available Restaurants 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pixie Dust Intervention


Let me jump up on my damn soapbox and get some shit off my chest real damn quick. Seems like a bunch of my fine friends can't seem to get the fact they are grown ass folks and can't get out from under their electronic devices and have a face to face conversation and can't pull their nose off the goddamn disney pixie dust straw that they seem to be addicted to..

PEOPLE YOU ARE GROWN START FUCKING ACTING LIKE IT.......If you have issues with another person why not confront THAT PERSON instead of trying to build an army of people who just want you to confront each other and get it the fuck over... JESUS FUCKING CHRIST don't draw lines in the sand and ask your mutual friends to pick sides or you may find you quickly have no damn friends....

NOW I need to confront once again those folks who can't seem to pull their damn noses off the pixie dust pipes and realize that life isn't all sparkles and warm fuzzies and cannot seem grasp that there is moore to life than disney...............The REAL WORLD is FUCKING FUN as HELL if you allow yourself to step outside the Disney Matrix.... sure it has its ups and downs like Expedition Everest but the fact that the real world doesn't have a lap bar makes it that much MOORE fun.. Have a beer, smoke a joint, GET FUCKING LAID just step out of your comfort zone and experience life......


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Vows

so here goes my vows

Aurora I cannot begin to put into words how much you mean to me and make it come out right but you told me I had to so here goes....

You ignored me for a good three years then one night a little box came up on the computer screen and it said "who the hell are you" or some sort. Then I explained it all and you started acknowledging me. If I recall it was a week or so before my birthday and we spent several night thereafter talking and ignoring the rest of the world ( well I know I was you might have been shaking your behind for all the other menfolk on the internets).

We talked about telemarketers and past loves and what not.

Things progressed and you let me call you and we spent several days and I thought "she has a nice voice". Things progressed further to "lotion time" and I had mentioned that a mutual friend was having a party and you decided you needed a mini-vacation and for a couple of days. I was going to wear a well placed red sock but that didn't happen.

As I recall you stepped off the plane wearing black boots, jeans, a stripped shirt, and the other piece of clothing that I got a peek at on the bone chilling ride to the Enterprise lot on board that scary ass bus....things went to shit and we hopped a cab to Hoffner and we chit chatted for awhile and I kept thinking how you were the most wonderful woman I have ever met and how much I loved everything about you. We got some hot wings and cuddled for the rest of the night.

The next day you decided I needed some new clothes and we went to the Florida Mall and we got the green shirt, khaki shorts, and the corderoy shorts. We went out to karaoke that night then went to hang out at Aimee's where I got a toothache and you cuddled till I fell asleep (thank you)

Then came the aforementioned party ... we hung out some Moore and then we sort of mingled with others and I believe at some point you and Mama Nikki...I went to find you to check up but she found me first and said, "Congrats" and I'm like "for what" and she was like "Rora said she was going to marry you" and I must have got the Jared face. I didn't know how to take it but I went with it anyhow thinking that I was THE MAN. I finally found you and recalled what was mentioned to me and you said what was said was true so I guess we were engaged to house music and vicks vapo cream.

We went back to hoffner the next day as you had to pack and I was sad thinking how can I ever let her go but alas if you didn't leave the rest of the story wouldn't have happened.

At the airport I was still thinking I could never let you go I cried the whole way home but had Mr. Kitty to keep me company. I couldn't figure out where my flannel or my pillow case was though. When you got to N.H. you called me to tell me to pack my shit and get ready to be a yankee again as I was one of your christmas presents from Liz...It was the only way she could get you to stop crying.

Three days later I was N.H. bound as my dirty laundry was deemed safe by the TSA and the rest is history.

You mean so much to me I don't think I can do it justice in words. I want to be a better person because of you...I want to die before you so I don't have to live a day without you as you complete me.

If the rest of our lives is as much fun as the last five years there will be nothing that (seriously not in the vows I totally had an incomplete thought and put nothing here so I pretty much winged this whole part in parenthesis )

I will spend the rest of my life loving everything about you and obey you because I guess it's like that. From this day forward we will no longer be a couple but a single whole. And for that I pledge my whole life to you on this the fifth anniversary of our very first meeting

My only hope for the future is to win just one argument. You can put that right on my box as you put me right by my dad "HE WON ONE"

Thank you for being my lover and my soulmate and giving me the honor of being your husband

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Blessed Union

To Say that my wedding was unconventional is an understatement to say the least but let me break it down for you..... We had since the beginning of the relationship five years prior planned a nautical themed wedding on the anniversary of the day we met.... That's pretty much where the planning stage ended... The wife had done some stuff but all that never really panned out...The month or so before my darling soon to be mother in law and lil big brother in law assembled the message in a bottle invites (hey now we're getting somewhere)...so the week of everyone comes to the blessed state of Florida for the annual family vacation (a little late in the year but thanks for the change of date).... I wrote the vow of all vows like the week before sitting by the pool with a beer, some smokes, a pen, and some paper (sounds romantic right)...That is pretty much all the preplanning besides getting the wedding license taken care of ON TIME ( little back story we had planned to get married the year before but the day we went to get the license it was veterans day and ummm the courthouse was closed no license to wedding)....so now that peeps have been invited and all the right folks(minus an officiant) are in place let's get hitched....

Speed ahead to the week of the nuptuals....No cake, no officiant, no best man, no problem.....The wife had her dress I still had no outfit but whatever...when we went to walmart to get the cake I got a shirt to go with my shorts (SCORE) ....Note DO NOT GO TO WALMART to get your wedding cake seems like you don't have to have any type of skill in penmanship to be a cake decorator there.... so now I have an outfit but the cake is all afuck....we won't let Rora see it because it's THAT BAD...Thank the lord god baby jesus in his tiny little manger that there was someone who could make it work.... Still no officiant though....The night before though was my soon to be Brother In Laws 21st bday though so why not ask him to be my best man (good idea wifey SCORE)...So that takes care of the last few hours before everyone shows up... Still no officiant.... So who could we get to be the master of ceremonies at our wedding I know lets ask (make) Lunchbox do it....So he gets there and the wife pulls him to the computer to get ordained ...... Ok now we're getting somewhere.... say who's going to capture all this on film you ask.... uhhhhhhhh..... Thank Jesus in a tuxedo tee shirt that we have a friend in the business both Mike and Mark over at http://mathewsbros.com/ are friends and have fun taking pictures because mike showed up with his new fancy schmancy camera to try it out (if planning a wedding or other event in Florida or elsewhere if you can give them a shout) (GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL)......

The vows were self done as I have said...Rora went with the traditional rout with quotes and all that goodness mine was a lot like this done with a smile and meant to get the same effect....If I am ever without something to blog about maybe I will pull them out and type them up for all to see....

Hey if you want to see pics of the event why not head on over to http://mathewsbros.smugmug.com/Weddings/Moore-Wedding and see for yourself how flipping cool it was.... oh and check out there work

This blog post was inspired by the weddings at http://smodcastle.com and by the twins with the camera over at http://mathewsbros.com/

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Thoughts Of Epic October

I would just like to say that #EpicOctober2010 was a blast......I would like to say I met some really cool folks some new some already family..... It made taking the weekend off before my bday that much better... I think I may have eaten too much but alas it's cool...I look forward to many other #tcc group trips.....


I BROKE THE MONORAIL....not like I was on it and it went down......NO I BROKE IT....I accidentally found the escape hatch....not all handles are handles.....

The Hallowishes Summoner was EPIC....I have to say I saw some really cool kids...My last two trips to disney have been really memorable not for what I did but for what I got to see two marriage proposals and the SUMMONER

Nobody at the table in Germany will ever look at potato dumplings the same way again

Breakfast at OKW just hanging out

I got to spend a lot of time with my wife whom I love so very much

Friday, August 6, 2010

Stay tuned

Monday is going to be fun when I get home from work I am going to get shitfaced and then blog this should be fun

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Beauty Of Not Knowing aka My Personal Hell

Seems like I get the urge to blog when I am feeling down about myself so pardon me while I attempt to get some shit out..............

My Personal Hell consists of a whole bunch of shit I have no control over but so be it. Be it my thyroid, diabeetus, or depression something is FUCKED on the inside..... not sure which but have to wait till I can find dollars to find out (wal-mart has the worst insurance plan known to man). I went to a doctor to find out what's wrong to find this out. $436.16 is what it's going to cost me to find out right out of my pocket which is already empty. Life will go on.....

I have researched all of these diagnosises (sp?) and seems like they all fit. Can't sleep, feel down, feel better when I eat sugar, body aches, you name it I got it. I have been able to control it for the last eight years or so but lately shits been piled on and I can't seem to get a grip on it..... to put it bluntly I feel like Jack when he beat the living FUCK out of that kid in fight club I just want to destroy something.

But so be it... Football is right around the corner which means I won't be able to watch any games but will be able to read all about them which is good because I love football. Sad to see Coach Bowden won't be on the sidelines though.